Who is it for?

  • Village/group/individual running a not for profit oil syndicate, who wants to make the syndicate simpler and easier to run.

What features has it got ?

  • Explains your syndicate and how it works
  • Gives joining instructions, terms and a downloadable pdf joining form
  • Lists contact details
  • Shows next order details
  • Shows last order details
  • Shows planned order schedule for year
  • (you can change these details on the website yourself in the admin section)

  • Takes oil orders from members via an online oil order form
  • Orders got to a database and are emailed to the syndicate as a backup. A copy is also emailed to the person placing the order
  • Orders can be downloaded from the database as an excel file in the admin area
  • The excel file is the ideal format for sending the bulk order to the oil company
  • Website has 3 linked email addresses, orders@..., info@.... plus one other
  • Search engine Optimised so people can find it on a google search
  • Hidden Admin area password protected

How much does it cost?

  • No set up costs
  • 120 per year for your web address, email, hosting and support including occassional changes to text you may require in the year.(note you change the order schedule and next/last order details yourself in the admin panel)
  • No tie in. If you dont want to renew annually you are free to leave and we will delete the site.

How do I get one?

  • Choose your web address eg
  • We set up and host the website and database
  • You send us your webpage text for the home page, about page, terms and conditions, joining instructions, images, and text for your joining form etc
  • The text on the demo site shows you how other syndicates are operating and we can adjust the text as you require.
  • We will then complete the website and send you details for logging on to the admin area and email accounts

Want a sponsored Website?

  • If you want no membership fee for your syndicate you could get a local company/companies to sponsor the syndicate website costs. Sponsorship Links to the sponsor can be added to the website.
  • There are some sponsor links in the footer of the demo website as an example

Have a look around the demo site and a play with it. Input some orders leaving some fields empty to see how it makes you fill in the form correctly. Use the ADMIN AREA to change the order dates and schedules, download the orders as excel files to see how it works